🍻 About BeerJS

JS, Community, and Beer

BeerJS is not just a meetup; it’s a global community where the love for JavaScript and a good brew come together. Born from a simple yet powerful concept, BeerJS serves as a melting pot for ideas, collaboration, and networking among JavaScript enthusiasts, developers, and tech aficionados.

In general, each BeerJS branch does its own thing. Some meet monthly for drinks, and others have conference-style events. More than anything, BeerJS is an idea - a way to bring people together to talk about web development over a beer. Beer consumption is, of course, not required to take part.

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Start a BeerJS in your city

If there’s no BeerJS where you are, we have a starter kit for that! It’s easy and fun, and we’ll help you get started.

BeerJS on Slack

We have a Slack team! Join us! It’s currently the easiest way to get in touch with us, in addition to GitHub issues.

Code of Conduct

All events, activities, and internet spaces that bear the beer.js name are subject to the Citizen Code of Conduct. Simply put, harassment of any form will not be tolerated and should be reported to your local organizer or to Jordan or Darko. Please drink responsibly and act in a way that honors the community values of respect and mutual enrichment that we share.

Credits and contact

Many thanks to the people that started BeerJS 🍻

To the extent that anyone “runs” BeerJS, it’s Jordan and Darko. We’re happy to help you get started and answer questions. You can also reach us on Slack.

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It's beer and JavaScript, what's not to like?

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